8210 Violation Clairity-Fax and note from Vedder Price

Shawn Baldwin and CMG Institutional Trading were charged with an 8210 violation–which is a failure to respond to a request.
1) Baldwin had his ex NASD District 8 office head (now FINRA) securities lawyer with Vedder Price-James Arpaija (Former head send the documents to FINRA. Baldwin Instructed his other attorney Joseph Mannon a former SEC attorney to send the documents to NASD (FINRA)
2) Baldwin sent information via fax, with an additional fed ex-package and had the documents carried by courier because FINRA examiner Phil Harris would constantly say that he didn’t receive documents. Those fed ex and signature receipts are still with records and a series of binders.
Phil Harris the head examiner then said he still hadn’t received the document. Baldwin instructed Joseph Mannon to send the document to the S.E.C. unbeknownst to Phil Harris–this is what caused Harris to falsely testify under oath. He was unaware that Baldwin sent the information to the FINRA national headquarters and to the S.E.C. from an attorney to another attorney which he knew wouldn’t falsely testify.
Others in the FINRA office supported Phil Harris saying that they had never received any documents and were subsequently forced to correct as well. Phil Harris, Head Examiner; Pamela Shu, General Counsel and Joseph Sularz, Special Investigator are all fired from FINRA. Later FINRA officials tried to supplant false documents to show Baldwin to be incomplete but Baldwin had appended documents to the trial records which showed that Pamela Shu tried to replace the correct documents that Baldwin sent. Baldwin also sent documents to the S.E.C. and fed-exed a copy to his office which he didn’t open sensing the lack of integrity at the District 8 FINRA (NASD) office.

[PDF] NAC Disciplinary Decision – Complain No. 2005000879302 – finra

Shawn D. Baldwin. Chicago, IL. Respondents. DECISION. Complaint No. 2008012026601. Dated: October 7, 2010. Respondents failed to respond to FINRA requests for information. Held, findings and sanctions affirmed. Appearances. For the Complainant: Pamela L. Shu, Senior Regional Counsel, Richard S. Schultz, …
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